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//casually throws Shuuhei in this fanart/fan comic based on this list because I want more Byakuya and Shuuhei interaction XP


//casually throws Shuuhei in this fanart/fan comic based on this list because I want more Byakuya and Shuuhei interaction XP


598. In 2004, Hogwarts got its largest number of muggleborn students yet and finally realised that these students wouldn’t have any GCSE’S, or anything to put as their school if they decided to get a muggle job. As such, they created a cover name for the school and gave all the students proper graduation and GCSE certificates so that they could get a good job in the muggle world without the hassle.



I’m not really sure where to start so I suppose it would be appropriate to start from the very beginning.

My name is Jacob Skyler Micheals, and I am a prince and an Earth Mage. Well, I wasn’t always a prince. It’s not a birthright I have earned. My wife, however, is a bone fide princess and my title came through marriage. We live in the Lotus Kingdom and it is at its most prosperous, even more than it was nearly a hundred years ago. There will be more on that later if I have time to discuss that. But I digress…

I was not born into royalty but my family wasn’’t exactly of low social standing. As a young knobby-kneed kid it was my understanding that having the surname ‘Leewright’ gave you more privileges than most. See, the Leewright clan was one of the largest and oldest families in all of Isaion at least that’s what I was told. As a child I didn’t really question it, even now I don’t doubt what my family has told me. Because it’s one hundred percent accurate. Certain members of the Leewright clan, what have been known as Truebloods, are the descendants of an ancient race of elite beings, believed to have been the very creators of our world. I know, it probably sounds absurd but with all of the things that have happened to me, my family and friends I am willing to be open-minded to anything. I will tell you as much as I know as I go through my story and I hope it will help to clarify some things.

 I hope you lot are the patient sort, because this may take some time. If you’re a tad squeamish then allow me to apologize in advance if anything from here out is uncomfortable for you. Let’s go backwards. I’m going to personally take you on a journey from my teenage years through to present day. And quite possibly beyond even that…

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an au that i absolutely definitely 100% want to make more art for


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Tokyo Ghoul || Episode 09: Kirishima Ayato

Aomine Week; day two: >The man with the most gorgeous tan.

It looks like he’s still running away, as always.

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 asked: Mako/Haru or Haru/Rin